MAI MAO / Ricshari

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MAI MAO is a high/low speed curved transition string improvisation duet by Kyosuke Terada (6 strings) and Shizuo Uchida (4 strings).
Their 3rd album " Ricshari " is released on analog LP from French label An'archives.
Includes 4 improvised studio live takes that scatter from the cell nucleus to the universe, stirring melancholia, logic, and inner vision.
Silkscreen printed jacket with obi, insert and postcard. Ltd to 285. Release date : Sept. 23
And another mirror reflection album " IRAHSCIR " to be paired with the LP will be released simultaneously in CD format from haang niap Records.
Includes 4 Ricshari outtracks, with ear brain training sounds that force laziness and discipline to encourage sweet scents and fatty intake.→MAI MAO / IRAHSCIR

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テラダ キョウスケ (6弦)と内田静男 (4弦)による高低速湾曲転移弦楽即興二重奏デュオ・MAI MAOの3rd album ” Ricshari - 坴舎利”がフランスのレーベルAn'archivesからアナログLPにてリリース。
そして、LPと対になるもう一つの鏡面反射アルバム" IRAHSCIR - 異羅詩 "がhaang niap RecordsよりCDフォーマットにて同時発売。怠惰と矯正を強いる耳脳内訓練アクースティック音響が甘い香りと脂肪分の摂取を促す、4つのRicshariアウトトラックスを収録。→MAI MAO / IRAHSCIR