Junko, Aya Onishi, Rinji Fukuoka, Michel Henritzi ‎/ Live At Penguin House 2007

Limited edition

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Peel dry skin and stuff the nuts behind the ears one by one. A magical leather and metal rhythm, Ritual prayer to do regenerationing memories. It's not just a session, but an alchemy of four nights gathered in one cave by Junko (voice), Aya Onishi (drums), Rinji Fukuoka (guitar, violin), and Michel Henritzi (guitar).Limited 125 copies

乾いた皮を剥ぎ取って耳の裏側に木の実を一つ一つ詰め込んでいく。呪術的な皮と金属のリズムに、記憶を再生するのための祝詞。単なるセッションにあらず、Junko (voice), Aya Onishi (drums), Rinji Fukuoka (guitar, violin), Michel Henritzi (guitar)によって、4つの光を一つの洞穴に集めた一夜の錬金術。125枚限定