Yoshiaki Nagumo / Winter Wired The Water

Limited edition

¥ 1,500 税込

item code: HCD -0083


format : CDR / Houga Records / NEW

After working on Pain Jerk and Dolphin Skull Headphone, a solo album released in 2008 by Yoshiaki Nagumo, whose main activity is solo.
A distant view of foreign matter series winter with four seasons as the theme.
Quiet blurred a white open space where be applied to abstract by brushstrokes of the multi-layered electronic sound and the whispering of the field recording.
The spores of sound that had been absorbed into memory one day awakened all at once, repeated vibrations, and transformed and landed.
There is an experience of being afraid of big beings.
Limited 300 copy CD-R

Pain JerkやDolphin Skull Headphoneでの活動の後、ソロでの活動を主軸にしているYoshiaki Nagumoによる2008年リリースのソロアルバム。