burried Machine / Carrie

¥ 800 税込

item code: rr-7


format : cassette / rockatansky records / NEW

Insects of magnetic force nesting in the depths of memory proliferate in a cloudy sound image and cover emotions. A grain of sound that has been minimally sought and is carefully polished to exceed the limits. A side is the ultimate brain airflow emitted by a tape loop freak craftsman "burried machine". From the suddenly cut off sound image the dizziness at the moment when consciousness rises is terrifying. On the B side, the bouncing looping beat paralyzes the sense of time, and tighten your neck by cotton and kill you In a lonely environment.

記憶の奥に巣食う磁力の虫が、薄曇りの音像の中で増殖し、感情を覆い尽くす。ミニマムな音の探究を手掛け、丁寧に研磨されて限界を超えざらつく音の粒。Asideはテープループの奇形職人・burried machineが放つ至極の脳内気流。突如断ち切られる音像から、意識が立ち上がる瞬間の目眩が凄まじい。B sideは、跳ねるルーピングビートがタイム感覚を麻痺させ、孤独のまま真綿で締め殺される。