3 Ways Split / Gamnad737, Fuck Me Fuck My Noize, PxNxJx

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format : CDR / Six F Productions / NEW

"Gamnad 737 (กำหนัด 737)"of Arkat Vinyapiroath main project working on many projects. And Six F Productions is the core of the Thai Underground Grindcore scene. Chatchai (The boss of Six F Productions) 's unit is Fuck Me Fuck My Noize (noise grind) and PxNxJx (Avangarde dark grind).. The former is One-man Harsh noise, and the latter two are band style. The King of the lowest layer terror music of BKK. On 16 tracks 31 minutes. A world of emptiness covered with beer and pig skin that destroys everything and ridicule. Truth refreshing.

数多くの形態で活動するArkat VinyapiroathのメインプロジェクトGamnad737(กำหนัด737)。そしてタイのUnderground Grindcoreシーンの核となっているSix F Productions主催・Chatchaiのユニット・Fuck Me Fuck My Noize (noise grind)、PxNxJx(Avangarde dark grind)の2組。前者がOne-man Harsh noise、後者2組がバンド編成でぶっ放す、16トラック31分のBKK King of 最下層テロミュージック。すべてを破壊し嘲笑う、ビールと豚の皮にまみれた虚無の世界。真実爽快。