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  1. Extreme chaos

format : CDR / Six F Productions / NEW

ASSTRAFFIC is a RAW & Noisy Thai goa grind formed in 2008. It is one of the main projects of Chatchai, which hosts Six F Productions, the main headquarters of Thailand's Underground Grindcore scene, and the members are the same as “Blood Soaked Street Of Social Decay”. Vocals like the sound of air coming out of a pig made of vinyl, flooded the Chao Phraya River with a muddy stream of drums, guitars and bass that turned into noise walls. A revolutionary Blast sound by four warriors who " Fight for F ** K, and F ** K for Freedom "! 40 copies limited.

ASSTRAFFICは2008年結成のRAW & ノイジーなThai産ゴアグラインド。タイのUnderground Grindcoreシーンの総本山・Six F Productionsを主催するChatchaiのメインプロジェクトの一つで、” Blood Soaked Street Of Social Decay “とメンバーは同じのようだ。ビニール製の豚から抜けていく空気の音のようなボーカルに、ノイズウォールと化したドラムとギター、ベースの濁流がチャオプラヤー川を氾濫させる。F**Kのために戦い、自由のためにF**Kする四人の戦士による革命Blast sound!限定40部。