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This compilation cassette is cut one stratum of the Chuo line area underground in Tokyo, 5 bands which they gathered in the best event. It's called "Red/Green"
All bands provided a track newly recorded for this cassette (some live take).

Participation band,
Convulsions acid garage Enka sound " Kito-mizukumi Rouber ",
Orthodox ethno New wave band of girls " FALSETTOS ”,
And the Bealtes meets No wave!! in dangerous smell. Marvelous senior band “ Galakuta ”.
New wave garage slider from Nishiogikubo " KEBRI DEHAR PARK ".
And the Blast Pop Fuckin Girls vocal band "Ten Pen Chee ",A drum plays an original member of Space Streakings.And awesome guitarist NP(ex ZENI GEVA) is guest participation!

It's obscure and trash, psychedelic, pop truck filling!
Cassette release only, 100 limited edition. C-47
New No New No New No Wave !!!!

format : Cassette / PaPa records / PAREC-804


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