Pumpuang Duangjan พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์ / Tumnan pleng lugthung vol.2

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  1. Acid traditional

format : CD / Diamond Studio / NEW

Thai's soul song, lugthung singer queen Pumpuan.
She is source of current lugthung singer and master of the mind. A voice that spreads straight. A simple backing and emotional song. A evangelist of joy and sorrow who invites you to your hometown.

彼女は現在の全てのlugthung singerの源泉であり、心の師匠。まっすぐに広がる声。 シンプルなバッキングで感情的な歌。心の中にある故郷へと誘う、喜びと悲しみの伝道者。