The Tree People ‎/ The Tree People

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  1. Acid traditional

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A masterpiece of acid fork released by independent production in Oregon, USA in 1979. Stephen Cohen, a songwriter / guitarist from Rhode Island, travels across the continent to reach Oregon, meet percussionist Jeff Stier, and flute player Rachel Laderman to form "THE TREE PEOPLE". James Thornbury (later also joined Canned Heat) also participated in the recording of this album as a slide guitar and guest vocal. A song with an ethnic scent with a floating feeling, a warm rhythm with tribal, gentle like the light of the day, and feeling the relaxed strength cultivated in daily life. In addition, the 6th song "space heater" and the 8th song "no more school" have a delusional fantasy in the deep sleep, and the last "Bring in The Water" has a moisturizing and infusing song.

1979年、米国オレゴン州で自主制作されたアシッド・フォークの名盤。ロードアイランド出身のソングライター/ギタリストのStephen Cohenは大陸横断しながらの演奏旅行の末にオレゴンに辿りつき、パーカッショニストのJeff Stier、フルート奏者の,Rachel Ladermanと出会い、”THE TREE PEOPLE”を結成する。このアルバムの録音にはスライド・ギターやゲストボーカルとしてJames Thornbury (後にCanned Heatにも参加) も参加。浮遊感漂うエスニックな香りのフルートとトライバルで温かいリズム、日の光のように優しく、そして日々の生活で培われた伸びやかな強さを感じる歌。さらに6曲目「space heater」や8曲目「no more school」の微睡の中のデジャブな幻想感、そしてLastの「Bring in The Water」の潤い、染み込む歌は絶品。